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Sun Aug 16 2004
Pdnmesh now uses a Vector Finite Element (Edge Element) solver for Non Homogeneous Waveguide problems. Please check the CVS for more information!
The figures below are produced using the new solver.
a TE mode in an inhomogeneous waveguide TE mode in 3D

Fri Aug 06 2004
pdnmesh 0.1.5 is released. It can use LAPACK for eigenproblems now. The GUI has more features added too. Download it now!

Mon Apr 12 2004
pdnmesh 0.1.4 is released. Download it from SourceForge or ibiblio. Two mailing lists have been created for General Questions and Comments and Bug reports + Patches.

Sat Apr 03 2004
The tutorial is updated.

Fri Jan 23 2004
After a long pause, I have rewritten pdnmesh from scratch. Now it uses a better triangulation routine. It is also possible to modify the mesh interactively. A new eigensolver is incorporated and it is now possible to solve problems involving homogeneous wave equation. Here are some screenshots of the work in progress. Please browse the CVS tree for more info.
homogeneous waveguide3d view

Mon Feb 18 2002
pdnmesh 0.1.3 is out!. This has a few more features added. The tutorial is also updated.

Mon Aug 26 2001
pdnmesh 0.1.2 is out!.

It is much more improved than earlier versions. Now DXF files can be converted to ones for pdnMesh input, simplifying the task of problem definition. Moreover, it uses less memory than before and is much faster. Try it!.

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