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pdnMesh is an automatic mesh generator and solver for Finite Element problems. It will also do post-processing to generate contour plots and Postscript printouts. GUI support using GTK or MFC (Win32) is available. The problem definition can be done in any form and given to pdnMesh as an input data file. Drawing Exchange Format (DXF) files can be directly imported to pdnmesh. The quality and the coarseness of the mesh can be controlled by giving input parameters.

For more information, read the program description.


Tue Apr 26 2005
pdnmesh 0.2.2 is released. Support to solve very large eigenvalue problems using ARPACK has been added. POSIX thread support is also available.

Tue Mar 15 2005
pdnmesh 0.2.1 is released. Now you can build the debian package just by typing dpkg-buildpackage after unpacking the source.

Sun Feb 20 2005
pdnmesh 0.2.0 is released. It has enhanced support for Win32 platform. The eigensolvers are improved to use sparse matrices whenever possible. Here are screenshots of pdnMesh running on Windows XP and Linux.
Windows XP Screenshot Linux Screenshot

Fri Dec 04 2004
The first version of pdnMesh for Windows using MFC is released.

Wed Dec 01 2004
Pdnmesh now runs natively on MS Windows. Here is a screenshot of pdnMesh running on Windows XP. Check the CVS for more detail.

Tue Nov 16 2004
pdnmesh 0.1.9 is released. A new sparse matrix solver using Conjugate Gradient Method is incorporated. A few bugs and compilation problems have also being fixed.

Sat Nov 06 2004
Pdnmesh received an ipod from IBM today. For more detail, please visit Linux on Power web site.

Fri Nov 05 2004
pdnmesh 0.1.8 is released. It fixes a major bug in importing DXF files. Now pdnmesh can import versions DXF 2000 and DXF R12 files.

Mon Oct 18 2004
pdnmesh 0.1.7 is released. It fixes a few bugs and compilation problems. Now pdnmesh can integrate the potential to find charge distribution on conducting boundaries.

Sun Aug 22 2004
pdnmesh 0.1.6 is released. It can solve inhomogeneous waveguide problems now. Download it now! The tutorial is also updated. Read this section for waveguide problems.

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We are hosting this project at SourceForge and you can follow THIS LINK to download the program.

It is also available at metalab (ibiblio) linux archive.

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Here are some screenshots of pdnMesh at work.

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