Running the program

Pdnmesh should be invoked at the command prompt. It can be run as a pure text mode program. However, if you need to exploit its full features, you need to run it in graphical (X window) mode. Pdnmesh also accepts command line options. Pdnmesh is typically invoked by:

$ pdnmesh -i input.file

The following flags can be used:

Table 1.1. Command Line options

-hPrint help
-vbe verbose
-a value set minimum area of each triangle to 'value'
-A value set maximum area of each triangle to 'value'
-c value set contour levels to 'value'
-i value read input file 'file'
-nx work only in text mode, dump output to files
-d (contour|grad|fill) display contours, gradient or colour fill by default
-e (poisson|helmholtz|helmin|helmk|hemlbeta) type of equation to solve, default is Poisson
-s use sparse matrix solver instead of full matrix solver, for Poisson equation
-V print version