Installing the program

You can get the program in source code form as well as in binary form. I suggest you try the web page first. Depending on your operating system, there might be binary versions available. However, they may be old and outdated. Source distribution will be in the form of a gzipped tar archive called pdnmesh-*.*.*.tar.gz, where the asterix will signify the available version such as 0.0.4.

Compiling under Unix

For compilation, an ANSI C and F77 compilers are required. GCC/G77 is ideal for this. The GUI is written in GTK. So you must have GTK and GTKGLExt installed (Sorry KDE Fans!). Apart from this, you need an implementation of OpenGL installed. In Linux and *BSD, you can use Mesa for this. In any UNIX like platform, the X11 header files are also required.

The basic commands for compilation in a UNIX like platform are:

 $ gzip -dc pdnmesh-*.*.*.tar.gz | tar xvf -
 $ cd pdnmesh-*.*.*/
 $ ./configure
 $ make
 $ make install

The program will be installed in /usr/local/ directory by default. In order to override this, give the option --prefix=/path/to/install to ./configure. For more information on installation, please refer the documentation supplied with the program and documentation about autoconf and automake.

If you have ARPACK installed (libarpack.a is available), type ./configure --enable-arpack to enable ARPACK support.

If you are running debian GNU/Linux, you can build the debian package by typing fakeroot dpkg-buildpackage at the command prompt.

Compiling under Windows

I used MS Visual C++ to compile the program. Unpack the source as described in the previous section. Then, go to the win32 directory and open the pdnmesh.dsw workspace file. If you need to build pdnmesh with the Intel Math Kernel library, you have to edit the project settings and include mkl_s.lib and mkl_c.lib files for linker options. Moreover, you have to add the default directory of the math kernel. Also, edit the src/types.h file in the pdnmesh source and uncomment the tag USE_MKL.

If everything goes well, you will be able to build pdnmesh without any problems under Windows.