Editing Points

First, you have to define the properties of all the points of the drawing. Remember, in a CAD drawing, each point will have only (x,y) coordinates. However, for our problem, we have to define the type of the point, whether they are fixed points (with a fixed potential) of variable points.

Once you select Popup Edit Points you will see each point highlighted as in Figure 3.3, “Editing Points”. You can select each point by moving the mouse cursor. Once you left click on a point, you will see a dialog window like Figure 3.4, “Editing Points Dialog”.

Figure 3.3. Editing Points

Editing Points

Figure 3.4. Editing Points Dialog

Editing Points Dialog

Using this dialog window, you can change the potential of each point. Moreover, you can select whether a point is fixed or variable. If a point is not fixed (i.e. unknown) it is assumed to be variable. We should also remember that if a point is variable, we do not need to specify its potential value, because it will be found after the solution.